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Best Ultimate Guide For a Makeup Noob 2020

For a makeup beginner, choosing and starting with what can be really difficult and leaves little room to experiment. Especially now you need to look your best every time.

Gone are the days, when a simple lip gloss and a little cake was enough to go through the day. It is said that Cleopatra bathed with goat’s milk and honey to make it look her best. We are all aware of the ancient connection between women and beauty. No wonder the cosmetics and beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar enterprise! Now you need to look your best every time.

The range of hair products, skin lotions, and cosmetics available today is Mind Bogging. Buying, maintaining, and refilling beauty products is a costly affair. Ultimately Makeup Noob, vanity comes with a price tag. And all the available options can be overwhelming for a total start.


If you walk into a store like Sipora or Ulta and find yourself overwhelmed, it is probably safe to say that you are quite new to the world of makeup. For a start, makeup can be quite intimidating. There is such a large selection of products available today that often confuse newcomers.

“What does he do?”

“What do I need for this?”

The election seems endless. And more often than not, you buy something that doesn’t work for you. don’t worry. Makeup, like many things, involves trial and error and lots of practice, but the slightest help never hurts. We’ve compiled a “makeup starter kit” of affordable essentials that every newbie needs to dive completely into the realm of makeup.



A primer, while not always necessary, will help keep your makeup running smoothly and increase its longevity. When choosing a primer, it is important to keep in mind your skin type. If you have dry skin, you want something hydrating and glowing. If you have oily skin with large pores, then you want something to be mattifying and blurred.


BB Cream / Foundation

If you are new to makeup, try a BB cream before jumping into the realm of foundation. Bibi, or “beauty balm,” creams provide light coverage and do not feel heavy like some foundations. Overall, they are a good way to allow your skin the habit of wearing makeup. Like primer, it is important to know your skin type when choosing a BB cream.



Even if you are hesitant to use face makeup for the first time, a concealer is a must. The concealer has more dyes than the foundation and allows you to cover things like dark circles or any unwanted blemishes.



The powder is essential to lock in your makeup and ensures that it will not slip and slide throughout the day. If your skin is dry, you can usually get away without it, but if you have combo / oily skin, this is a must. The most important part of your face is the T-zone, forehead, nose, and chin — this is the area that produces the most oil.



Bronzer imitation that allows the glow to be sunkissed throughout the year. It is best to put a “forehead” along the edges of your face, a warm shade on your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline.



Blush, when applied correctly, adds life to your face. A good way to choose a perfect blush is to choose a color that mimics your natural flush. Peachier tones tend to look best in people with warm skin, while rosy skin falters with cool skin.



This is not a necessary step, but if you want to get within that gorgeous, illuminating glow, you will need a highlighter. Highlighters are light, shimmery champagne or golden-toned powder or liquids


Brow pencil

Your eyebrow covers your face and can seriously change your overall appearance. This is why it is necessary to keep them ready and clean.


Eyeshadow primer

An eye primer is absolutely essential if you want your eyeshadow to look amazing throughout the day. Eye primers prevent your eyeshadows from growing, make them more vibrant, and help them to move and blend easily.


Neutral eyeshadow palette

Neutral eyeshadows are the most basic and essential thing that needs to be introduced in their kit. In general, lighter shades should be applied to your lid, inner corner and brow bone, medium shades to the crease, and darker shades to the outer shade and lower lashline.

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Eyeliner pencil

Eyeliner pencils can intensify any look and really make your eyes pop. Black can be used to add a sultry and smokey effect to your look, brown is perfect for everyday definition and nude can be used in waterline to really open the eyes.


Liquid or gel eyeliner

A liquid or gel eyeliner will add drama and is the perfect product to take your look day and night. The formula you choose is your priority, although they both take some practice.



If you can buy only one product in this entire list, then Kajal is a must-have. It’s amazing what long, full lashes can do for your face. Applying some generous coat of mascara on both your upper and lower eyelids will open your eyes, brighten your face and make you look more awake.


Lip liner

Lip liner is a great way to define your lips and extend the longevity of your lipstick.



For the makeup beginner, lipstick is actually the easiest way to play with different colors and looks. There is a variety of finishes and colors to choose from, and in fact, it is all about experimenting!


Lip gloss

Lip gloss is a great way to add color and shine to your lips without having to deal with the maintenance of lipstick.


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