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Best Holographic Nail Polish Colors On the Market

If you want something better than regular nail polish, then you go for sparkly nail polish. And holographic nail polish is a step better than sparkly nail polish! They are new trends in the city but are not really holographic, just a kind of sparkly, color shifting, shimmer polished finish.

If you are wearing something glitter-free like a matte nail polish then you cannot create amazing reflections on your nail polish. You opt for a holographic finish if you want a rainbow-like reflection every time you step outside.


How do they work

The holographic polish will retract light rather than reflecting it like regular glitter. It bends and fractures the white light signings on your nails and that is what makes a real rainbow. In this line of finish, you will come across:

– Holographic Glitter: Small spots of holographic material are suspended in a colored or clear polished base. They will appear irregularly on the nails as if your nails were immersed in diamonds.

– Scattered holographic: Shine shapes are not irregular and move easily. The rainbow effect is scattered as if the sun is dancing on your nails

– Linear holographic: Holographic pieces will fit like a systematic puzzle piece. Small rainbows get together to form big rainbows because of how it all coordinates.


Unlike matte nail polish, holographic polish requires a high gloss topcoat to really pop. They can use their own don but the topcoat enhances the look and takes it a step further. Let us examine the very best holographic polish available so that you can determine what is best for you.

Color Club – Just My Luck – $ 3

You need only two coats for an attractive green holographic look with this American made polish.

KBShimmer – Run! This copper – $ 10.25

A good linear holographic with good ratings. You will apply several coats for extra opacity.

KBSheimer – Turning Point – $ 8.25

You only need two coats to cover your nails in a scattered holographic. It sparkles but is gritty when dry.

ILNP – Rosewater – $ 11

It is easy to apply and can have its own topper but you need to apply more than 1 coat. It is cruelty-free and also vegetarian.

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Hologram Diamond

ILNP – Beach House – $ 10

The holographic sparkle is great with this long lasting polish. The product is cruelty-free and vegan.

LECHAT – Hologram Diamond – $ 12.03

This color comes in gel or general polish formula. The holographic glitter effect is dense and the formula is quite thick.

Cirque Colors – We Trippy – $ 15

This cruelty-free polish can be combined with any polish to make it holographic. This requires at least three coats but does not require any topper.

Layla – Ocean Rush – $ 16.68

To apply it you will need a super smooth surface but the finish is perfect and only two coats will do.

Color Club – Halo Graphic – $ 14.88

The holographic effect is really intense. Pair it with a top coat for an enhanced look. This polish is cruelty-free and vegan.

If you are ready to delve into the world of holographic nail polish, then this is the best list to direct you to what you need. Use this list to pick a great shade for your personal taste.


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