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Dogs Brain Training Review 2020 : Does It Really Work?

Today I am reviewing the brain training for dogs course that I have personally purchased and tested with a 6-month old Golden Retriever.

I hope that after reading this post, you will be able to easily make a clear decision about whether this course is for you.

By no means am I a professional like other online am claims’. No! I am a regular person like you, who was looking for a way to sort out my dog’s behavior. Anyway, enough for me! Let that come for you…

Cause I bought this course

When I first found my dog ​​Bella, it was a complete nightmare. I’m sorry to say, but his behavior was terrific. She would run on the street, fight other dogs, and chew everything around the house.

To make things worse, my husband in my ear told me that we would need to get rid of him because it was more trouble than it was worth. Havoc will be silent!

I’m pretty sure things were a bit more serious with my dog ​​than you would normally expect from a 6-month-old Golden Retriever.

Anyhow, this is the very thing that took me in search of a fix, which leads me to the next point of how I came to the course.

How did I get to this

The first thing I did would be like any normal parent, I called the local dog trainers and consultants to give them the kind of services. Which were not effective at all, because the prices they were bringing were absolutely horrifying.

I mean, how can you charge more than $ 500 to $ 1000 to train a dog. Hey ho, I have an opinion and I think those who can afford it will gladly pay it. This helped me to call some friends and ask where I could potentially get some help.

And the same thing kept coming up every time, “Why don’t you try online”. So I did, and inspired me to find this course, as I read some blogs that suggested it, so I decided to take advantage of it and test it.

Who made this course?

Before I would buy the course, I did a little digging to find out who this trainer was, but I didn’t really see much. Admittedly, the reviews I saw as a very highly regarded dog trainer recommended a reliable source.

His name is Adrienne Farricelli and he is also in some commercial publications, so I am sure if you dig a little harder than me you will get some information about him. Somehow, she has more than 10 years of experience and is also known for her teaching. So this was another reason to help convince me that the inside information would be half decent.

What to expect

Once you shop for the course, you take them through a sales page, where they try to sell you another 2 offers, which I honestly don’t. Maybe they are good, maybe not, who knows!

The sales page looks nice and well-organized and shares a ton of information on what you can expect inside. You can see more here. Anyway, when you buy the product you get an email with a link to the online video and PDF download.

This is true!

So after buying the course, I quickly got caught up in the section that covered bad behavior and over-excitement. There were techniques that we’re using positive reinforcement to help calm their dogs when they are hyper.

I tested it for a few days and saw little improvement. But it wasn’t until I got stuck in the later stages of the course that I saw something really important. Below are some games that you find. I personally only tied the ball pit game which was a lot of fun because Bella enjoyed it too.

There are 3 games available here:

To Treasure Hunt Game ‘which takes your dog back to its evolutionary roots and relieves red boredom’ leading to many problem behaviors.

A ‘muffin game’ to keep your dog mentally excited and out of trouble.

And Ball Pit Game ‘makes it easy for you to drain your dog’s energy and work with it – when they have a ton of fun and exercise.

One fact I really liked about his course was that it was not super difficult to pick up this information. It is very simple all the way, so there are no real restrictions on what you can try.

All modules are divided into school years, so they go through the motions of high school, college, graduation, etc. and as you go through each, it is a little more difficult and intensive to get with training methods. Is designed for


Course format

One thing that I really liked was the way each training lesson leads to the next. T.I.T. It makes it easier to get up from where you left off, and it also helps you progress according to training.

Each of the modules begins with an introduction page that describes what to do inside and includes some links to each lesson.

There are some forward and back buttons at the bottom of the page, so you are easy to navigate, so you can quickly get from one video to the next.

Is the information really good?

To be quite clear I was surprised at how easy it was to consume information. There is a lot of help inside, as you find these small menu bars that help you navigate the site. And the books are very well placed, as it is all divided into particular areas of problematic behavior.

Overall, id gives it a thumbs up to how everything was laid out and easy to digest.

And it’s not a bunch of fulls, as you can clearly tell that some level of effort was put into the information that you get inside. Talking about that, I will look forward to what you can expect in further modules.

What’s inside

Brain training 1

Now let me tell you! If you stop buying this course, you are guaranteed that you do not lack information. There are literally tons and tons of information which can be a bit of a drawback because you will never get the time to get through it.

A bulleted list of what you get: (taken from the course page).

Wait for it! And there is more…

Dog Training Science and Technology

Soft force only three techniques

Best dog mental stimulation toys

Brainteaser game

The troubleshooting section of the course

Video demonstration of dog training games

As I said earlier, one thing you are not short about in course information. This is virtually silly information that can affect the quality of a product in some cases. You should make this decision for yourself, so here are some pros and cons.

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Pros and Cons


  • Tons of information inside
  • Inexpensive
  • can discuss issues the problem is you can’t find answers to the inside of the course
  • Meaning, that you are never tied down to anything indefinitely karma you can come and go as you please
  • Simple to follow and step by step
  • You get to train your dog yourself


  • Some of the info was very generic (walks in the park, toys, etc!)
  • The text was small on the bonus content (but I have bad eyes and the bonus content is only there as a nice to have).

Do I recommend this course?

My answer to this would be YES if you’re experiencing problems with your dog’s behavior or simply looking for some new ways to increase your dog’s mental stimulation at home. Then yes this is a great course to get started with.


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