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How To Promote Affiliate Products Via Email

Email marketing is still the best method for promoting Affiliate Products Via Email building a real relationship with your target audience over time. Emails can sit in a person’s inbox for some time and they can also be a long format, giving lots of interesting details about the affiliate products you sell.

Getting them on your list

One of the biggest mistakes new affiliates make is that they send traffic that works so hard directly to the sales page of the seller. This means that they never see these people again, and learn nothing about them.

But if your prospects are on your email list, you can market them regularly.

Build an email marketing list

It can be difficult to create an email marketing list these days because people do not have such inboxes and free newsletters which are now once-great attractions. Having said that, there are two ways to get to know your niche and your target audience. They will be so eager to come up with an incentive that they will be willing to give you their contact information.

Two good incentives would be an eBook or eCourse on a hot topic related to your niche.

Give a free ebook

Think about the types of problems people have in your niche and create an information product that provides real solutions. An e-book is a good option because you can create a PDF and they can download it easily. However, they can also catch downloads and unsubscribe, so you will never see them again.

Create an ecore

An eCourse is a better solution because you can line up multiple emails in the follow-up area (autoresponder) of your email marketing platform. Each of these emails can help you build relationships with your future customers, making you an authority. Each email can also provide a reference to a link to an affiliate product you sell, giving you multiple opportunities to earn commissions without sounding like a push my spammer.

Follow up vs broadcast email

The great thing about email marketing is that you can upload multiple emails ahead of time in the follow-up or autoresponder section. You can work once but keep in touch with the people on your list again and again.

For example, a 7-day eCourse gives you the opportunity to show what you know. You can also put an affiliate link in every email. As they hear from you and read the email, they will feel as if they know you.

You can also use broadcast email to send special offers, such as a tie-in for a special holiday or a great affiliate product deal they don’t want to miss.

Come up with evergreen email content that will never be outdated, and mix it with great affiliate offers. Then see what a difference email marketing can do to your email commissions.


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