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How to Find Long-Tail Keywords For SEO

All professional online marketers know how important it is to use long-tailed keywords. This is because they know that if you want to make money online, you need to target online buyers, not surfers.

And now with more than 70% of organic searches using long-tailed keywords, it is more important than ever to ensure that you are using the right ones.

You see, long-tailed keywords are more specific and therefore more targeted to the right buyers. And that is what you want to target, buyers are not searchers. And shoppers are more keyword-specific than what they are looking for.

So you need to find long-tail keywords:

– 3+ words

– less competition

– less search

This means that you need three or more words, which compete less than other advertisers and search less for you, which means that not many people are searching for that exact word.

This will give you a more targeted audience, and with less competition it will help you get your search results on the first page Google.

As an example, if you want to target buyers for the term “Shoes”, the term has a high search for volume.

There is a moderate amount of “conversational shoes”.

The quantity of “women’s convoy shoes” is small.

Buyers looking for this specific product are most targeted to “women’s white hanging shoes”.

It also connects with the right customers who are close to the point of purchase.

And thanks to Siri and Voice Home Hub, more people are searching for long-tailed keywords. But the question is, how do you find long-tailed keywords?

A quick and easy way is to look at competing websites for the product you are selling and see which keywords they are using.

You can do this by right-clicking on the blank part of their webpage and the dropdown box that appears on your computer, select “Show Page Source” and then use the search box in the window that opens, search for the word “Keyword”, “Or if you’re good at keyword research.

You should be able to read their on-page content and choose the keywords and key phrases they’re targeting as well as the relevant words in their content. So that you can hone in on their uniqueness.

Or use long-tailed keyword software for better and quicker results every time. Some people are loath to buy software to help them in their online business, but it all depends on how often you need to use it or how serious you are about your business.

Either way, you need to find the right long-tail keywords for your own online marketing to attract shoppers who are close to the point of purchase so that they buy from you and not from any of your competitors.


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